Chaos Rules


For as long as anyone can remember, there has been one form or another of chaos. War in the middle east, riots in L. A., the fall of Rome, the Inquisition, murder assault and mayhem. These are the simple truths that people everywhere have learned to accept. Life is about overcoming anarchism, and without it we would not have anything to watch on the news, our television shows would all be dull boring repeats of each other with no real action, and in general we as a society would begin to stagnate.

It takes the worst of times to bring out the best in people. In the face of adversity we as a hole become more inventive, we begin to think with more creativity and theory becomes fact.

The idea that one man may have to fly to get where he was trying to get, was along time ago the kind of voiced opinion that would get you thrown into a mental hospital. Now we take it for granted that if you are in say Barbados, and you want to be in London, you can jump on a plain and fly there.

The belief that it can’t be done has been replaced with the knowledge that it has already been done. All of life has been done before. The chaos that is humanity never stops trying to do the impossible. One day we will colonize the moon, later we may even take trips to Venus like we do to Florida now. Think about where we came from and what we have accomplished. Now consider if man did not face the chaos and adversity that is the nature of life, would we have ever invented the wheel? Would we ever have found a use for fire? Would we not still be simple apes living in caves?

We as a race strive on pressure, chaos is that pressure, remove it and we are nothing