Good day/Bad day


What makes a good or a bad day?  Is it the way others treat us?  Is it the weather?  Maybe luck and chance take a down turn for us.  Maybe we got up on the wrong side of the bed and spent our whole day grumpy and morose.

I think that last statement is telling of us all.  We make our own days good or bad.  I know, I know, the house is a wreck, the kids are bitchin’ moaning and complaining, the bills a-piling up and you just can’t get a second to yourself to take a deep breath or two.  Well who’s stopping you from stepping away from it all?  Whats so all important that you can’t wave everyone off for a few moments of peace and quiet outside?  Put your hands up and step back for a minute, walk away from everyone, let them know you need a second to yourself and close the door on your way out.

Now while you’re out here lost in your thoughts and going over everything in your head that’s chased you off to be alone… quit it.  Stop thinking about all the mess behind you.  Breath in, breath out, think about that cloud floating past.  Think about the grass and how many colors of green you can see.  Think about that funny joke you heard at work the other day and how you were laughing with your friends.  Remember what George Carlin said, “The following statement is true.  The preceding statement was false.”  Contemplate that for a minute.  Now breath in and breath out again and return to your life, but think of it from the clouds perspective.  Whats all the problems matter?  They’ll get sorted out one way or another and sooner or later there will be a new issue to deal with.

The trick is to be there working on it, but in your mind you are out laying in the grass.

I get really grumpy some times.  I know I do.  I think at times its a defense measure to get left alone for a few minutes.  What I forget is at any time I can just tell everyone this easy phrase, “Excuse me a moment.  I need a second to organise my thoughts, but I will be right back.”

Ladies have a problem, they want to call all their friends over to discuss it.  They want to talk about it and hash it out, come up with eight different ways to deal with it and then hash those out too.  Me?  I’m a guy.  I want to be left alone to think about it.  When I come up with my way of handling it, I’ll let you know.  Then if you have a suggestion that may help or pertain, let me know.  But I still get to make up my mind and do what I feel is the best.  I may make mistakes, but hell, I’m human.  We all make mistakes, get over it.  I need to know I am the one who made the final decision, right or wrong, its my life and I get to make my own mistakes and own them.  On the other hand I also get to take credit for things I get right too.

Don’t stop living your life, just stop stressing about it.  Letting people get on your last nerve helps no one, not you, not them, and not me.  Life is about discovering problems, inventing ways to handle them, and accomplishing goals.  Chaos happens, those who dwell on it or are stressed about it get nothing.  Those who acknowledge it, figure out a way to deal with it, and then move on to the next issue… they succeed.