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Hey guys,

Some of you know others will be finding out with this post, I now work for Direct TV as an installer.  I am still in the training program right now.  The pay is pretty good and the work is hard, (keeping/getting me in shape I hope).  I will have a company vehicle and some tools issued to me and of course they provide me with the boxes and dishes and equipment for the customer calls.  I will have to pay for a few uniform shirts and a couple of tools I will need to do the work.  They will pay to get me the licence test for the national satellite installer licence (so long as I pass it in one of two tries, after that I will have to come out of pocket $200.00 to take it again).  I get paid for referral sales and installs (so if you know of anyone looking to get Direct TV after Monday when I get my Tech number, send them my way please).  I also get paid extra for doing certain jobs at the customers home.  Digging a trench or doing a pole install if the house does not have line of sight to the south sky, doing a wall drop, extra boxes installed and set up, etc etc…

One of the perks I am told is that after working there 60 days I get FREE basic Direct TV… Here’s my dilemma and where I am looking for input from you my friends and family.  I currently have Comcast Cable handling both my Internet and my TV with HBO and the digital package.  I really like having only one bill to deal with for the cable & Internet, I did hear from work that there is a package coming that will include high speed Internet with your Direct TV, but right now they don’t have anything that compares to the speed of cable Internet.  We don’t have a phone at all in our house preferring our cell’s.  To install satellite you HAVE to have a home phone line.  So I could keep Comcast for the Internet get a phone line and dump my cable bill only paying the fee for HBO…

is it worth all this effort though?  With all the rain we get here in Houston and the problem of  “Searching for signal” from satellite, is it worth it?  I can’t remember the last time cable went out, if we have power we have TV.  And when its raining outside, what else is there to do but watch TV?  You don’t want to go anywhere.  I can’t ride my Harley…

What is your opinion on the pros and con’s of cable vs satellite TV?

Comment’s appreciated, no membership required.

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