image of a conch shell

What I Believe:

I believe in the rights of humans to chose for themselves what they think is best for themselves. I believe that government is for the people and we do have the final say so on what they can and can’t do and should enforce that right a lot more often than we do. I believe that freedom of speech does not mean freedom to insult, attack, or otherwise be offensive to ones fellow man. I believe that while freedom of speech must exist, parents have the right, and responsibility to sensor their kids from certain events, speeches, and so on until such time they are of appropriate age to both understand and deal with them. I believe that education should come before all else, political, religious, or social in nature. I believe in the rights of the individual to practice and follow their chosen faith or lack there of, and that a non-denominational class on the various faiths should be offered in schools as an educational class, but only as an elective class. I believe that our country was founded by puritans, but that they separated church and state and that the pledge of allegiance and documents or history taught should stand as they were written and reflect that, regardless of protest’s to the contrary. I believe that we all have a personal responsibility to stand up for what we believe.

 I believe that a lot more people believe things they aren’t talking about or fighting for and that we all need to stand on the soapbox, grab the conch, and yell through a megaphone every now and again regardless of who calls us what!

Featured Image credit: sh0dan / Foter / CC BY