My bike is new!!! well kinda…


image of Bill on his Harley

Yo dudes, check out me on my new ride… well actually its the same ’06 Dyna Wideglide that I had before the accident, its just all custom out.  I sank a bit more cash into it.  I did it for me.  I think its cool.

I wanted my bike to look different from others so I decided not to go with the traditional tribal or flames or some graphic design there of.  I went with the idea of blood running from the front off the back of the bike in steams.  I told the  artist to kinda run with that idea however he saw fit.  I findthat usually if you have a good artist and you give him a basic idea or theme to go with but leave him to his own devices after that you typically get better work out of them.  I was not disappointed.  The company is called Debonair FX located right here in Houston TX and the picture above is the bike they worked on for me.

I also had a custom seat made and the front lower forks are powder coated.  The seat was made by another local company named Thunderhead who do great leather and foam work.  It also had gel inserts and a more comfortable passenger seat.

All in all I really love the bike.   Being up and riding again really makes me thankful for what I have.  I think we all at times grow a bit numb with repetition in life.  That is to say, you drive the same route to work day in and day out, you begin to predict what you will do and see before it happens based on your experience in rinding that route so often before.  That’s what I did anyway and that’s what I think cost me.

Take the extra five minutes getting home, watch your surroundings like it was the first time you came through there.  You may notice some things that have changed but you didn’t see before.  You may save yourself a possible accident.

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