To P.C. for me


When has Political Correctness (or PC) gone too far?  When does being “P.C.” become just plain stupid?

Example: During the holidays, rumor had it that a certain local group of Santa impersonators for malls was instructed not to say “Ho Ho Ho” because of the negative connotation it implies in recent street slang.  By recent I mean within the last five to six years or so.

Sure there are people out there who may just be crooked enough to act as if they were being slighted by the Santa in the mall.  There may even be a Santa in the mall drunk or ignorant enough to make a person feel slighted.  But the legend of Santa Claus has been around since long before the street vernacular.  And I would say more folks are familiar with his jolly, “Ho ho ho” than the vulgar slang “Hoe”.  They are messing with traditions dating back to the early nineteenth century here.

I say this one is plain stupid.

But it doesn’t end there, that’s just one example that I thought up off the cuff.  There are millions more I am sure.  What stupid changes have been made to appease the unwashed masses out for a buck?  Yeah, thats right, out for a buck… Think about it.  The reason they change these rules isn’t because they are afraid to insult or offend people.  No, they are afraid of legal ramification from idiots bent on making a buck through a loop hole in the system.  Folks willing to spend loads of our court time and tax money tying up government workers and getting the Johnny Cochrans of the world out there to make huge social debates on why “Ho” is, or could be construed as, the same as “Hoe” by their alleged emotionally hurt client.  Worse, they play this crap up heavy in our media… Why do you think that is?  The reason is pretty simple really; its the fact that public opinion is easily swayed by the media.

Thus as they say, “The mob rules”.  You see what they are hoping for is to create a public outcry in favor of their client.  Or at least cause enough of an uproar that the higher up muckity-mucks get their panties in a bunch and force the hand of the courts to pressure a quick solution to a non-issue. Then the attorney in question, who created the “issue” to begin with, starts pulling appeals and all kinds of reasons to extend the case out all the time whipping the media in the background to keep the pressure on.  Reminds me of that court scene in “From the Hip” with Judd Nelson blowing the courtroom into a three ring circus. <— funny movie if you haven’t seen it.

What’s all this lead too?  Well rather than do what they should and just shut the books on the stupid case and shuffle the attorney into a nice quiet cell for contempt of court and wasting valuable tax dollars, the judge bends to the pressure and pays off the jack hole who started the whole mess.

So now we see a reason behind the stupidity… but does that make it right?  Is it OK for the corporate world to see a “possible” future and change years of pure and fun related tradition to save a couple of bucks?  Do we simply turn a blind eye on this?  Well of course we do, we are the sheep and the media is our shepherd.  If they say this is how it must be, well then its best for us all.

I say screw that.  I dare to spit in the face of the media!  I dare to to think like an individual and make my own mind up about what I will and won’t accept as rules.  They want to pass a law that protects folks?  They need to put it past us first.  That’s what democracy used to be all about.  The people selecting the folks who lead us, and us having the power to tell them how they will do their jobs, and what they can and can’t tell us to do.  When did “power of the people” become just another bullshit term?  I think its getting time for another proverbial “tea party”.

With today’s technological communications we have the power to get information out to the public in a much faster and more effective manner than in days of old.  There isn’t a Paul Revere running around on horseback.  We have Internet, we have media, we have iPhones, for god sake.  Let’s use them.  Write emails, call congressional representatives, create websites, yell and scream naked in the streets about it (If you do that last one, let me know.  Especially if you’re hot and female).

Don’t get me wrong, media isn’t evil, its a tool.  And just like any tool, you can use a hammer to drive a nail and build a house, or to put out someones eye.  The media tool has put out far too many eyes, most of America is blind.  There are those who think that the Jerry Springer show is giving us a view into all backyards.  I don’t speak for you, but my closet skeletons aren’t Aryan white trash nuns who cheat on their hillbilly spouse by sleeping with dwarves and beat their sexually active drugged out fifth grade children behind the strip club they all work at.

Yeah laugh, its funny, but sometimes the jester points at truth and the court howls in laughter…