Troubled American


Troubled American

It has been said, and I forget who said it, “There are only three things man can truly call his own. His word, his heart, and his balls.”

image of Tony Montana from Scarface

Remembered who said it after the post was done. Tony Montana from Scarface.

When we are young we give our word and break it without thought of the repercussion. Wise men learn from this and grow out of that stage. Then we become men which is when someone else breaks our heart, and wise men learn from this, and to guard their heart better. Finally we spend the rest of our lives trying to find a career that won’t make us break our balls to survive.

Time was once that an honest man could work for an honest days pay and go home feeling honorable and hold his head high. That time has gone the way of the Dodo. Today you are expected to do things for pay that doesn’t cover half your bills and barely keeps your lights on or put more than scraps of food on the table and by the time you get off work you’re so worn out holding your head up is damn near impossible.

America is still a relatively young nation, but it has always stood for freedom and strength, until now. Corruptions in both the cooperate and government of our day have taken away freedom and left us toiling in a life our fore fathers fought to get us away from. Historic heroes like Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and George Washington would weep seeing what we now deal with considering how far we as a whole have come.

Their system was set up for an age of frontiersmen and folks who communicated via messenger and horseback. Today we are supposed to be one of the most technologically advanced societies on the planet, yet still we have not updated our electoral process or opened our population up to the standards of living that we as a nation have earned.

I believe folks deserve the right to expect certain health care and educational resources for their families and themselves at a reasonable cost from their jobs. I believe that the government is responsible to set regulations in place to protect that right. I believe that those regulations need to be enforced and big corporations do need to be held to a higher standard. I think services and products that can be provided here in America, should be given top priority over foreign services. Companies that use cheap labor and ship their products in from overseas, should be forced to pay a much higher tax for them. This money would be returned to the American economy in subsidy/grant programs to help support our workers and product, and to help them keep their prices competitive with the foreign markets.

Governments and corporations all work the same, they believe in the trickle down theory. Ask the youngest brother in a family of eight what’s left on the platter when it finally gets to his end of a table. Ask the teachers and the secretaries how they feel about what “trickles down”. The trickle down theory is nothing new, we all know what rolls downhill. Those of us at the near bottom of that hill have been watching as our neighbors drown in it and today’s “American nobles” stand lofty and shout, “let them eat cake!” But there are no trenchers for the poor now, there is no scraps for the less fortunate.

Boston harbor has a much different smell today than it did on Thursday December 16th 1773. From 1789 to 1799 French nobles learned a hard lesson in fear and respect from their people that was long overdue. A similar lesson was taught to an English king from 1775 to 1783 right here on our shores. Am I saying we should do it again? No I am saying our folks in power need to remember from historical evidence what happens when you oppress and treat your population poorly. I’m saying those folks who have been granted places of power in order to “SERVE THE GREATER GOOD OF AMERICANS” had better start doing a better job of it before things do progress that far.

I am a veteran of two wars, Panama and Saudi Arabia/Kuwait. I joined the army, I took the oath and fought when I was told to. I carried a weapon with my brothers in arms and helped to take two countries back from tyrants. I did this without being told why, and without feeling like there was enough information or reason to do so. Both these wars were not fought for our freedoms, so much as they were about money and power. Is the world a better place without Noriega or Saddam in power? No doubt in my mind about it. But the real question to me is, why were we the ones picked to do this? Neither of these men were much of a threat to us. Hell both these conflicts were handled quickly compared to the prior revolutions I spoke about. Ten years France was at war with itself, American fought the English for eight.

It took three days to take Noriega out of power. From January 16th to April 6th 1991 was the time Dessert Storm took. 100 days. These are drops in the bucket compared to Vietnam, Korea, and others. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

In contrast, why have we not totally invaded the dessert’s were the Taliban are and swept through them with a fine tooth comb. Why are we letting terrorists who have killed thousands of Americans continue to breathe? Our military might is already over there in the Gulf area. September 11th has as of yet not been addressed with the proper amount of force and response needed.

So lets recap and conclude. The power and elected officials in play are not doing enough to help those of us hurting from the economic crunch of our times. We get empty promises and pretty speeches, but no results. They tell us we will not tolerate attacks on American citizens, but then nothing happens to the ones who did. We are further sent in to fight wars to protect power and money in the pockets of the folks who already have it and those of us who did the fighting and lost our blood, sweat and friends are not told why, or even properly compensated for it. Top that off with a raise in cost of living to pay for said wars and no raise in pay for those of us just trying to survive one day at time.

Votes don’t belong to people who stand behind a microphone and bitch about what the other guy is or is not doing.  Votes should not go to the one who keeps saying they need more information, or they are waiting for such and such.  Votes belong to the guy who is out there trying to make it better.  And if you work for a company that isn’t making life better for you.  You are not getting paid, you are not receiving benefits, they are putting your hard work out there and making a profit and you are getting the smelly end of the stick for it… look for other work, get out of there.  Stop making money for them unless you are making enough for yourself and your families needs too.  Corporate America stands tall on our labor and they make millions, sometimes billions from it.  Do they deserve the lion’s share?  Sure, but we deserve a fair shake too.

I started this with a quote and I didn’t know who said it, I’ll end the same way, “Action speaks louder than words.”  If you are in power, shut up and do something about the American suffering.