Yellow Journalism…


Time was once that a story was a story because it held merit to its listeners.  That time has past in my view.  Now stars are made of people who do not deserve the lime light simply because the media has lost sight of what is important.  That’s why we have people like Paris Hilton splashed all over our newspapers, magazines, and TV.

The media was out of stock on truly important things to tell us and they decided to shine their all important spot light in another direction.  Unfortunately for us Paris Hilton is the equivalent of a highway car accident, everyone has to slow down and stare at the scene created.  She is not worth the time or effort it takes to do so, but still there are hundreds of thousands of people slowing down the traffic to stare at the spectacle created by yellow journalism.  They say its a story and we eat it up like its the most important thing on earth.

You know its scary that we as a public have allowed this to happen.  We had the control of our government, but now they control us, we had control of our media, but now they control us, its a mob mentality tactic and our society has fallen for it hook line and sinker.  We didn’t just let them lead us, we put the bulls nose ring in our own nose and handed them the chain to pull us around on.

Lets not forget that if we wanted to rear up and smack the crap out of them, we as the public are the bull, they are nothing more than the soft pink flesh humans we allow the privilege of leadership.  The bulls power in this case is to turn off that channel, its to not buy that magazine, its to turn our attention away from the media spectacle and get on with our lives.

The important thing in life is life.  Getting side tracked by the whiny little pantie-less rich brat with no redeeming qualities shows a lack of intelligent thought, it shows we are the lemmings headed towards the cliff. Get out of line, why dash our lives on the raging waters and rock at the bottom of the cliff when we could be out there enjoying that next sunset. Or being with our family…

We as a whole need to GET A LIFE!!!