You may all be wondering about who I am and why my opinions should matter.  Well here’s a little about me and what helped to create my current beliefs.

I was born in May of 1966 under the sign of the bull.  That crap means nothing to me, but you can take from it what you want.  I was raised for the most part in Texas.  That means a lot to me and I don’t care what others say about us being braggart’s and boasters, Texas is my home and I love it and will yell about it till the day I die.

I spent a couple of years in Canada when I was young when my father was transferred up there for his work.  I have spent four years in the armed service as a military policeman and fought for my country in both “Operation Just Cause” and “Operation Dessert Storm”.  I was married for three years to a woman who didn’t care much for me, and for the last 13 years I have raised the son we had together on my own.  He has several “issues” such as bi-polar, ADHD, and ODD.  He has both therapy and psychiatrist help and is attending public school where I fight the system on a constant basis.  I met my current girlfriend online and moved her here to Texas from California where we have been living together for the past several years.  I ride Harley-Davidson, read a lot, and enjoy movies and video games.  I tend to avoid sales people like they are plague carriers (funny since I am one myself) and don’t like government or anyone else trying to tell me how I should live my life or raise my kid.  Wanna make suggestions, wanna offer help, great.  Wanna tell me how wrong I am or that I have to do something another way?  You are liable to find yourself on the outside of a slammed door with a bloody nose.

I attended The Art Institute and received a two year degree in Computer Animation that isn’t worth the paper they printed it on.  I am in debt up to my ears and live just on the razors edge of my means.  As I age I learn from my mistakes, I tend to slowly relate these teachings to things my parents tried to tell me years ago and think to myself “Crap they were right”.  But I would never tell them that.

Wanna know more?  Ask in your comments, wanna know less?  Quit reading cause there will be a little of me in everyone of these posts like it or not.

Okay, so you may wonder, what or who is a Freelyx?  Well Freelyx is the name of my online persona.  I have modeled him after that of a jester.  In ancient times the Jester was the one person who could tell it like he saw it even to the kings face and get away with it.  Mostly because it was said in satirical or humorous ways to entertain the royal family and their guests.  Now we have freedom of speech, but I am using Freelyx as my soapbox jester because I like the visual image it gives me.  I may take this another step when I better learn how to customize websites in Word Press.  You’ll just have to wait and see what comes of it.

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