Blackened in the End

Blackened in the End

This was a random encounter Copper Jackals “play test” game put together by Tim & James Kearney of Tabletop Terrors for their home brew realm of Dragongrin.

Tim was the DM and he had the complete discography of the band Metalica in a Spotify playlist that he set to shuffle or random. He’d roll a arbitrary encounter and then hit next on the playlist to decide what happened. Based on inspiration he took from the song that came up and the random creature, the environment would change and we in the party would be sent off to deal with … whatever.  I played Crobble “Bronze” Legnin the rock gnome biker’esque warrior, or in D&D 5e terms, fighter, and among the party of players were;

  • Michael Barker (of Be a Better Game Master), playing The ‘Sculptor’
  • Marquis Hartis playing ‘Skullface’
  • Kristenn Logi playing ‘Gelrudin’

It was a great game with a surprise ending … well for me anyway. It’s not as long as some of the other live play videos I’ve done, but there was great fun to be had by all. Y’all let me know what you think.

Tabletop Terrors

Be a Better Game Master

Absolute Tabletop FB group <– also where you can find out more about the Copper Jackals, and perhaps join the ranks. 😉

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