Drawing and talking

As many of you know, I am a long time artist who’s been out of practice for many many years. In order to get back on the old horse, brush up on my skills and do something I’ve always loved, I decided to buy a digital art tablet and start playing around with the old skills again. So I bought […]

Kender Chaos Comes Quickly

Golems Gate Gaming and Geekdom: So I both play and run several games at a local gamer shop out here in southwest Houston area.  It’s called Golems Gate Gaming and Geekdom in Stafford TX.  Anyway, recently conversation arose with one of my regular game night about the Kender race in D&D.  This conversation seemed to be dragging some of the […]

Blackened in the End

This was a random encounter Copper Jackals “play test” game put together by Tim & James Kearney of Tabletop Terrors for their home brew realm of Dragongrin. Tim was the DM and he had the complete discography of the band Metalica in a Spotify playlist that he set to shuffle or random. He’d roll a arbitrary encounter and then hit […]

Owlcon FYI

OwlCon is an annual gaming convention hosted by FastWarp, the student gaming club, at Rice University, Houston, Texas, dating back to 1980. They feature role playing games (both tabletop and live action), miniatures games and events, board games, card games, exhibitors and more. Gaming events include feature tournaments, celebrity GMs, and hordes of official demo folks for various game systems. […]