Christmas contemplations


It’s the silly season again.  Folks out shopping for family and friends, buying gifts and creating havoc with the traffic.  Those of us on bikes hate traffic this time of year even more than most.  Peoples minds are never on the road when they are out running their Christmas errands.   Do an old biker a favor and give us a break will yah?  I’m not asking for you to stay home and shop online (although that’s what I did this year), just that you keep you mind on the road and your eye on your surroundings.  The best Christmas gift you can give yourself and the folks like me on bikes this year is not to hurt or kill someone while out there.

Well the next thing I will write about here is a recent trip to a friends house for a Christmas party.  Boy did I learn some things!  First impressions are great, and talking with a guy for years can tell you a lot, but you never really get to know a guy until you see his house.

This guys home was like a little piece out of the mind of Jimmy Buffet.  His back yard alone was by far the coolest I have ever seen.  It was a little island get away built into a suburban neighborhood.  When I knocked and rang the bell no one answered, I knew we were doing grilled steaks so I wandered around to the back of the house.  There looking through the garage I could see my fellow employees chillin’ around a garden table and drinking while the grill heated up.

The relaxing tunes of the beach and classic rock played through speakers all around the yard.  There was not just a patio and a gazebo, there was three separate little deck areas.  The patio had the grill and ice chests, the corner gazebo (really more of a grass hut or cabana) had speakers of its own and lighting plus signage that really expressed a lot about our host.  Then just behind that there was a smoker hidden away.  Between that hut and the patio is what I can only describe as “the deck”.  Two lounging lawn chairs sit beside a couple of small tables, each chair giving you a great view of the pool and at least this night a soft warm breeze crossed the deck.

We sat fat and happy after some of the best home cooked steaks I have ever devoured courtesy of my boss, and listened to the guys tell their tails and chat casually about work and life and really nothing at all.  It was the kind of place you go to disappear from all the turmoils of life, a place where nothing from work or home or family ever touched that short little fuse in your anger, or your last nerve.  Nobody was worried about anything, we just were.

Some would say Christmas was meant to be cold winter in front of a warm fireplace.  Others would say they love their white Christmas.  Me? I’m a good ol southern boy.  I don’t live in Texas cause I like cold.  No, I think the Santa I saw in my friends bathroom summed it all up for me.


Ya’ll be good to each other out there, and I’ll keep thinking about life…