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Copper Jackals Family Ties (Raxok minting session)

Copper Jackals Family Ties (Raxok minting session)

Tabletop Terrors with Tim and James Kearney have an off-shoot of the One Shot Group that was created by Tabletop Gaming With Juce.  This off shoot group is known as “The Copper Jackal’s“.  It is a fantasy realm game set in D&D 5E within the realm of Dragongrin.  The Copper Jackal’s are a group of shunned mercenaries.  The crown wanted to use them one way, they saw it differently… (Sort of a cross between the A-Team, Expendables, and The Fellowship of the Ring.) 😉

C-Jack membership isn’t for the meek, it’s not for folks who are afraid to act, its for those ready to put life and limb out there for what they believe to be right.  C-Jacks fight.

Raxok the halforc ranger has been offered membership via finding a raw copper nugget in his bag.  Those deemed worthy of joining the ranks of this hidden organization bring their copper nugget to a “minting session” where they preform a particular task for the C-Jacks as sort of an initiation test.  Once this is complete they will get their chunk of copper minted into a Jackal coin.  This they bring to a secret location where they are given the Jackal Bite, making them official ranked C-Jacks and they are then thrown right into the heat of it.

Raxok is beginning this journey now and is about to get minted… Wanna watch?!

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