How we begin.

I expect an explanation is in order here.  A lot of people may be thinking that I am creating this blog to start arguments or pick fights, they would be wrong.  This is yet another blog about social issues and problems that claims it will stay neutral… heh, yeah right.  Nobody believes that, but what I will do is try to put up both sides of the argument in a fair and impartial manner.  I will link to news articles and media information and try to write posts that are legible and if not comprehensive, at least somewhat informative.

My hope is that you will join in and talk about the post.  By talk I do not mean get all up in arms, insult, flame or otherwise attack each other or me.  What I am hoping for is well written responses in a debate like format that may enlighten one another to our general social beliefs and differences.

In an age where social problems are viewed through the rose colored glasses of the politically correct, and to voice one’s views sparks a room full of people to fall into silence, stand up and shout, “YES WORLD, I HAVE AN OPINION!!!”

This web site isn’t for the follower. It isn’t for the weak willed. It’s for those people who like me are tired of being told by celebrities, reporters, politicians, and a variety of media & advertising what our beliefs should be. Read the papers and watch the news, form your own opinion, then come here and share with those willing to communicate. Hear what others have to say, but listen to your heart.

Lets show the people we elected to office, and that run our media that we are not the sheep, but the shepherd. For far too long they have passed laws that control and pin us into stereotypes. Break out and be heard. Here we can answer the polls on our own. Not because some agency decided you would answer how they wanted you to, or because you fit into their idea of the “public consumer,” but because we care.

Bring an open mind and a strong opinion. Be prepared to be bombarded with facts and counter facts. Believe what you want and debate your point of view. This site might not change your mind, but maybe it’ll help open it some. I hope you learn new things and enjoy having a place to be heard.

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