Life on the road

Okay, no fancy research this time.  No here’s the facts.  This time I write to you from the heart.  Yeah I know not what you expect from this site based on its current content.  Here’s the thing, I’m tired of it already and I’m the one putting it together.  That being said, I read somewhere that if its not fun for you, then why do it.  Further if you don’t like it, most likely others will get that impression and not like it as well.  Thus I break with my current content trend and go another route.  Figuratively as well as literally 😉

I am a motorcyclist.  Not just any motorcyclist, I am a Harley Rider.  Some may ask why?  I ask them why not?  The fast response is, “Its dangerous!” My reply is life without risk is not life at all.  No I’m not the first to say it, but it doesn’t make it any less true.  Why Harley?  Well, its kids dream.  I have wanted a Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever since I can remember.

I grew up in a regular neighborhood, with mostly normal friends and family life.  I played air guitar with my friends in a back yard with Kiss rocking our phonograph or cassette tape deck.  I wanted to be Gene Simmons, but play Ace’s guitar and sing all the songs.  I wanted the fame, I wanted the girls, I wanted to be cool like they were.  And I wanted to ride up on stage on my Harley, throw the kickstand out and step off to jam the audience till my fingers bled and I couldn’t sing any more, then I would take my pick of the girls throwing their unmentionables up at me and ride off stage into the sunset with her.

Parts of the dream faded with age, but the bike remained.  I still see the girl in my dreams too, but I know now that for me cool wasn’t about her.  It wasn’t about the music, or the fame, or even the bike really.  Cool was about the freedom of that moment.  The way a child’s imagination took him to a place where he was a part of everything there.  You can’t be there in a car.  In a car you are not truly part of the environment.  You are seeing it through a window.  You are watching it happen, but you aren’t in it.  On a bike its different.  Your eyes feel the crisp cool air in the winter mornings, they tear up and squint even behind the glasses or goggles.  You breathe that air, you feel it penetrate your clothes and touch you.  You sense the road, you smell the fields, grass, the city.  You and your bike are one with the road, the environment, and for the short time you are out there you are free in every sense of the word.

Problems from work, family, and life in general for that ride seem to melt away.  My life is still there waiting for me when I get to my destination, but now its not about getting there, its about the trip.  Its about getting time to feel free from the bonds of responsibility and duty and what you know you have to do for others and just getting back into being a kid pretending to be riding a Harley up on stage in front of millions of screaming fans.

Motorcycling is a hobby, its a sport, its a means of transportation, but its so much more to the open mind.  Ride safe, ride well, but ride.  Ride your imagination, ride your dreams.  Breathe life with every inhale, and let worries and problems fall to the side of a winding road to nowhere.  Dare to live life around the curves.  Your boss and your family, even you will appreciate it when you come back more focused, lower stress, and able to tackle the hardest parts of your day in the knowledge that soon you’ll get a chance to see another open road.  Get lost on that dream dude… I do.

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