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I recently in my web surfing mode came across a rather… well venomous article.  It was a very long winded attack on Harley-Davidson riders and the company in general.  The writer did make a few valid points, but over all the impression it left me with was one of pity.  I felt sorry for anyone who lives with that much pent up anger and frustration.  To bad he doesn’t ride  😉

Here’s the link:

Here’s the email I replied to him with because I doubt he’ll print it on his website:

I won’t lower myself to insults or hate email’s.  Unlike you I will not call you names or attack you for having an opinion.  What I will do is explain the fundamental attraction to Harley-Davidson that you didn’t see in your attack on those of us within the, lets see if I get this right, “pagan cult religion for brain dead trend humping fashion lemmings”… Very colorful attack by the way.
First Harley-Davidson isn’t built for breakneck speeds because for the most part, those of us who ride them are not out to race from one point to the next.  For us its not about being the first person at the destination, its about leaving a day or so early, taking back roads and enjoying the journey.  Freedom to chose means if you prefer to buy a Kawasaki Ninja, curl up into an uncomfortable cramped little ball on top of it and race through the curves to get where you are going, well that’s your prerogative.  I prefer to sit up right, lean back, relax and enjoy the views along the trip.  That is my prerogative.
Harley-Davidson isn’t about being “in fashion”, heck one could argue that its about the farthest you can get from the “in crowd”.  Sure it’s become fad in recent years to buy and ride Harley-Davidson’s.  You may point out that there are a bunch of yuppie riders out there trying to fit into the biker persona because they saw it on television and thought it was cool.  Or maybe they got caught up in the custom chopper craze and decided a Harley was the cheaper fix.  Whatever their reasons for buying a Harley-Davidson, they have the right and freedom to do so.  Just as you have a right and the freedom to criticize them for it.  I find that most R.U.B.’s (Rich Urban Bikers) purchase their bike, then put it in the garage and wipe it with a diaper.  They don’t get it any more than you do.  But who cares how they spend their money?  Not me.  I also don’t care how you spend yours.
Do I worship my Harley-Davidson?  My girlfriend might tell you I do, but for me I see it as more of an escape.  When I ride, I am a part of the bike and the road.  But more than that I am a part of my environment.  Sitting in a car, you watch the world pass by your windows like you watch the television.  You are not feeling the crisp air, smelling the pine trees, you are not “experiencing the ride” you are watching it.
Sport bikes and motorcycles with enough torque to leave the riders internal organs bunched into his hind quarters are built for the adrenaline junkie.  They are designed for folks who are all about your speed and power.  But on the open road, where there are laws against that kind of speed and where those of us on motorcycles are at a notable disadvantage to those wrapped in a couple tons of steel during a collision, who cares about getting to the grave yard faster?  If you ride your 1995 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R’s 599cc in-line four bike and I ride my 2006 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide glide 1450cc and we trip across country, you may beat me to all the rest stops, but I won’t have to stop as often as you.  And while you are at the destination tapping your foot and laughing at me for “Easy Riding” I will be enjoying my trip and seeing some of that beautiful county you claim to love so much but blazed right past in a blur of death defying speed and performance.  That’s where you and I truly differ my friend.  You claim to love your country, but sit in judgment over its people and race past its beauty.  You point your finger at what you see as “Wrong” or un-American and nit pick at one of its best known companies.  Well enjoy your freedom to do that, enjoy your freedom to speech and to sling mud at other Americans because you don’t agree with their choices.  I chose the moral high ground.  And I ride my Harley there 😉
Print that on your website.

I expect no response or reply from him.  I expect him to probably not even read past the first couple of lines of my email.  I expect he’s going to sit in judgment over me too… Oh well, some folks just don’t get it.

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