Well guys I escaped another close call today.  I don’t really know why I write this here other than to just get it off my chest.  I got a call at home yesterday from the receptionist at work who told me that our HRM (Human Resources Manager) needed to see me in her office.  I explained I was off on Tuesdays but would check in with her first thing this morning.

All night I worried about what she was going to tell me.  I logged onto City of Heroes (an MMORPG I like) but my head wasn’t in it and I died several times.  I tried to sleep and spent the whole night in an uneasy rest.  I arrived at work today and began my day as normal, checked my online finance applications (there was none as usual) went about helping them push the used bikes out onto the lot and thought about all the bikes we had recently gotten out of service that I still do not have pictures of for our website.  By the time I decided to just go up and get it over with I was sure today was my last day at this company.

When I walked into the office there were two large boxes on the floor.  I immediately jumped to the conclusion they were to help me clean out my desk.  HRM asked me to come in for a sec while she finished a quick phone call.  By now I was close to breakdown with panic.  Only 20 days till Christmas and me without a job…

HRM told me to get into the boxes and get out my new uniform shirts, I was to sign for three short and three long sleeve shirts.

Whew… I left the office much relieved.  When I got downstairs I stopped to speak with Johnny one of our other salesmen to relay the experience to him.  He smiled and relayed a similar experience of his own just yesterday when he was called to the office.  He had actually started cleaning out his desk before he went up.  We both stopped for a moment of retrospective thought and I concluded that my time here really is short.  I don’t want to work anywhere that I feel as if any second the axe could drop.  Maybe I’m asking too much, but I would like to feel that when I get to work my job is not being held over my head.  That so long as I am working at getting the task’s they place before me done to best of my ability, my job is secure.

I guess in today’s workplace that’s asking too much though.  Oh well breathe in breathe out, repeat as needed… life goes on.

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